Audley Shaw for leader!

I ¬†won’t add much to this post, just to say, if the delegates don’t elect Shaw as leader, Jamaica deserves everything it gets, including the value of the dollar.

This man makes me want to believe in Jamaica again.

Shaw addresses G2K

The man spoke for 30+ minutes, without talking points (from what I saw – he didn’t rely on any), he came across as passionate, aware of the issues and still presenting solutions to fix the problems we face.

I know Jamaica never elects the right leader for the job. Please, get it right this time.

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4 Responses to Audley Shaw for leader!

  1. Conrey Hanson says:

    Corve, don’t mean to “bust u bubble” still, but the oppsositon of the day, weather PNP, JLP or asprirants, always know the solutions to the country’s problem until them reach in the deceison making seat. I am not phase by what Andrew or Shaw have to say. Them not saying anything new. Or anything that we already needs to be done.

  2. PC says:

    “This man makes me want to believe in Jamaica again.”
    -agreed, so very true Corve!

    • admin says:

      I think the Holness team will lose the next election – Tufton and the other bright people should return to the top brass of the party. Hopefully, he wouldn’t be old by then.

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