Dr. Dayton Campbell ‘gay’ Social Media Lesson 101

While Beyonce, Jimmy Cliff, Frank Ocean and Adele were winning awards at the Grammys, Dr. Dayton Campbell decided to win his own local award, the ire of social media users on Twitter. For the record I un-followed the Jamaican Member of Parliament who should be scheduled no later than this week for a social media 101 session for politicians. Dr. Campbell’s palpable hate for an openly gay man, international artiste Frank Ocean is culpable.


The image below shows the MP’s Twitter timeline.


The tweets triggered a firestorm on Twitter in the wee hours of the morning, igniting fury for the MP who garnered respect from many young Jamaicans. The Past President of Jamaica Medical Doctor’s Association and St. Ann native is a first time MP who many believed represented a new day for Jamaica’s political landscape. In an exclusive interview with Carib Journal, Dr. Campbell was asked:

Carib Journal
Carib Journal

Many now believe the PNP’s push for equality from the Prime Minister was a political campaign manipulation. Dr. Campbell should be thrilled this tweet-slip was not tweeted in the daytime, for example on a Monday morning when more Twitter users would have been online. However, the damage was done.

Just how big the damage was – see below.


“Reach is the total number of unique Twitter users that tweets about the search term were delivered to. Exposure is the total number of times tweets about the search term were delivered to Twitter streams, or the number of overall impressions generated.

Currently, there is no way to know whether or not a particular user has actually read a particular Tweet. When we say “impression”, we mean that a Tweet has been delivered to the Twitter stream of a particular account. Not everyone who receives a tweet will read it.”  From TweetReach

@DrCampbellPNP gained 15 new followers from his rant. He may have achieved his goal.


1. Do not post anything you wouldn’t want to see in the newspaper or on the television newscast

2. Know the social media policy. This is a teachable moment for the government to create a social media policy to govern politicians in Jamaica. 

3. Talk like a real person

4. Never cross the streams. That is, do not post personal tweets/FB updates to your political account.

5. Do not delete tweets before addressing the issue.


Contact me for social media training.

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