Jourdan Copeland, rising male model speaks with Corve DaCosta

Rising black male model of Jamaican parentage Jourdan Copeland is making his mark on the runways and spreads from London. I had the opportunity to interview the pastry chef turned model who is going to be the breakout star for the industry in 2013. Remember his name, Jourdan Copeland.

Before modelling did you follow the industry? 

I didn’t know much about modeling at all.


How did you get into modelling? Tell us about the day your life changed

I was scouted by Patrick on the train, making my way to where I worked at Roti Chai, Bond Street.

Patrick came over to talk to me, and I basically said that I wouldn’t have time for it because I had to work and college, but I still took his card. I don’t think I called back for a while, but it was my mum who told me to try it when I told her.

You’ve walked for Neil Barrett, Kenzo, YMC, Dsquared2, Christopher Raeburn and others, what do you make of your meteoric rise in the modelling industry? It is. 

It’s all good and I’m enjoying it. Luck is on my side at the moment.

Jourdan Copeland Astrid Andersen FW13 | London Collections: Men
Jourdan Copeland
Astrid Andersen FW13 | London Collections: Men

What do you hate and like most about the industry?

I don’t think I’ve been modelling long enough to hate anything, but I like most the people that I’ve met so far.

What do you want to achieve as a model?

I haven’t really thought about it, but a lot hopefully.


What’s your favourite photo shoot and runway show so far? What stood out for you?

I recently shot with Troy for the first time for ‘fxcking young’, so that’s been the favourite shoot so far, and a mix between the theme, staging, clothes, and the energy backstage made Dsquared2 my favourite show so far… Kenzo was very close though.

You opened the Astrid Andersen Fall/Winter 2013/2014 show with your brother, that could be a record – two brothers opening a show, Is there sibling rivalry going on? What is the experience like having your brother in the modelling industry? 

I wouldn’t say there’s any rivalry, it’s all good. It’s another thing to talk about at home, but I like that he’s giving it a go as well, and it was a nice feeling walking for Astrid together.

Astrid Andersen F/W
Astrid Andersen F/W

Are your parents Jamaican? Have you ever been to Jamaica?

All my grandparents are Jamaican. Dad was born in Kingston, Jamaica and my mum was born in England and grew up in Peckham. I’ve only been to Jamaica as a baby.

You are talented in the kitchen. What’s your favourite Jamaican dish?

Curry goat with rice. Jerk chicken, Jerk pork, coleslaw and salad on the side ;)

What is your first love, food or modelling?

Modelling is always growing on me, but I love food.

Jourdan's creations
Jourdan’s creations

The world should know you are a pastry chef. I have a sweet tooth. If your biggest fans were in a room, which dessert would you make for them? 

Maybe a Black Cherry Soufflé with Honey Almond Ice-cream..?

What makes Jourdan happy?

My family, friends, cooking, music, football (Arsenal all the way!), and sweets.





Photos of Jourdan, click here and here

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