PHOTOS #pepsiTweetUp

the #pepsitweetup will be memorable for me on many levels. i hope more local companies will explore this new trend. the benefits for your brand will trump the negatives. as a brand, if you want to measure your success online, organise an event to get to host your fans, if you are successful at that, you are doing something good. kudos to #pepsi and #cuddyz

check out the photos from SKKAN Media Entertainment (the ones that featured me lol)

i competed in the drink off…my throat suffered from this competition. #tip > do not try this but i laughed so hard after, it was worth it. i am not kidding, the winner drank his bottle in 5 sec. my yute was very fast. but i don’t get it! we tested his skills to close the night by giving him two bottles, he drank them in 30 seconds. things we cannot explain. my bet was 9 seconds (a bolt time).

clearly my technique was wrong.


i won a gift certificate to cuddyz…i will enjoy this prize. watch out for the cuddyz post in january 2013.


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