Totally Jamaican – Jenny Mein Designs

look what i found! jenny mein designs, totally jamaican. something i really adore is spotting jamaicans overseas on the internet doing good. jenny mein is a former food magazine editor and is now designing a range of hand-painted fine bone china tableware and giftware using the fruit of ackee as the central motif. her designs could be the perfect gift and the prices aren’t 1% either. something to look into when you want to splurge online.



Follow her on Twitter Pinterest and her website.



i can’t wait to purchase a design from her store. something totally foreign, but totally jamaican. thank you jenny mein.


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3 Responses to Totally Jamaican – Jenny Mein Designs

  1. Jenny Mein says:

    Dear Corve

    I have just discovered this page – thank you so much for your very kind comments and posting these photos……..I really am chuffed!!

    I have now connected with you and following your interesting postings on Twitter and linkedin. ……you are also doing a wonderful job.

    Sending you many good wishes


  2. Gregory says:

    Hi Jenny,
    Long time no speakee. I love your stuff: please would you do me a deal on a sizeable order!
    I should be most grateful if you can find time to call me on: 07767 230 518



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